5 Reasons to Eat More Protein Pancakes!


We’ve all been there … its 7:37am and you’re rummaging through the pantry trying to find the easiest breakfast solution. There isn’t any time to make a “real” or “healthy” breakfast so you just grab whatever is closest. You have yet to master the perfect breakfast option that is healthy and quick. We are here to help with that.


1. Convenience - Protein Pancakes only take two minutes to make, cutting the average time it takes to make breakfast in half. You can prep the batter the night before, or do it on the spot. Finding time in the mornings can be the hardest most stressful part of the day, which is why protein pancakes are great! Not only adds nutritional value to breakfast, but gives you 15 more minutes in the morning. 

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2. Fat Loss - Implementing a high protein - low carb meal to start the day is the best way to ignite your metabolism and keep your body in a fat burning state throughout the day. Protein is necessary for recovery and protein pancakes are an efficient and tasty way to refuel after an exhausting workout.


3. Muscle Building - Protein is widely regarding as the most essential ingredient in muscle development. To build and maintain muscle mass the appropriate portion of protein, ranging from 25-35 g per meal, creates the proper foundation for achieving the physique you want.


4. Satiety - The way the protein is processed and digested leaves the body full and satisfied for hours! All of the typical cravings that would come from an insufficient breakfast would be curbed with a high protein - low carb alternative.


5. Strengthen Bone & Joints - Living an active lifestyle is all about finding a balance. The more exercise you get the more you start to feel it in your bones and joints. These small pains begin to add up over time drastically limiting the amount of physical activity your body can handle. Adding more protein can greatly improve bone density and joint issues. Protein has all of the right nutrients to decrease bone loss and heal damaged joints. 


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