Our Story



I was fed up. I was in the middle of a cut and hadn't seen a tasty carb in far too long.

Even worse, it was pancake day in the Salapa household.

I watched as my family dug into my favorite comfort food: Mom's extra fluffy homemade banana cinnamon flapjacks. I remember looking down at my plate of bland egg whites and oatmeal and thinking to myself, there has to be a better way to reach my fitness goals. What if I could enjoy my favorite comfort food while getting the nutrients from the foods I loathed?

I couldn't get the pancakes out of my head. I became obsessed. I tried every healthy protein pancake mix and recipe I could get my hands on, but found that either the pancakes tasted like cardboard, or the macros didn't fit my diet.

I sought out advice from bakers, nutritionist, trainers...and of course my mom, to create a complete pancake mix that fit perfectly with my diet, and most importantly tasted delicious.

After over a year of experimentation and countless hours of trial and error, I finally developed a recipe I was truly proud of. 

I quickly realized that I wasn't alone. So I teamed up with my best friend Spencer to bring this product to the world.

Since launching the product, we've made some incredible progress. Thanks to our amazing customers we continue to grow everyday, and we know this is just the beginning. 

We hope this pancake mix brings you as much happiness as it does us, and if there are any questions, compliments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Marcel Salapa 

Founder, Phoros Nutrition